2012 - Make It The Year Of The Bento

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January - the month where we all seem to resolve to eat a little better, live a little healthier, perhaps trim down a little. Why not try packing a bento lunch this year?

The trend of bento-ing in North America seems to lean heavily towards kyarabens, or "character bentos". Super-cute lunches geared towards enticing even the pickiest of eaters to eat - full of animal-shaped rice balls and heart-shaped mini sandwiches.

And there's absolutely nothing wrong with that - crafting a beautiful bento is an art. But one which, I think, the average adult simply doesn't have time for when packing their lunch.

So this year, why not step away from the take out? Forget brown-bagging it, embrace bento-ing and build a better lunch culture for yourself!

At the core of the bento philosophy you'll find the following:

  • healthy and nutritious homemade food
  • an emphasis on colourful fruits & vegetables
  • portion control
  • making lunch an enjoyable experience rather than a chore
Websites like Just Bento are full of inspiration and recipes for bento lunches. Or simply pack leftovers - that's what we do! 

And, no, you don't have to pack rice EVERYday (though it is delicious). A bento can be a salad, noodles, sandwich - whatever you fancy eating!

Want to make 2012 the year of the bento? Let us know in the comments if you bento and why you love it. Proud of your bento skills? Share a picture of your bento lunch on our Facebook page or send it to us in a tweet!

Looking for a beautiful bento box? We've got those too! Check out our bento selection here.