100 Crafty Tape Ideas

Image via Mel Stampz

I came across this treasure trove of washi tape (and other tape) projects last night and just had to share!

If you've been wondering just what to do with your stash of pretty tapes - new ways to use them or how to store them, Mel Stampz's round-up just might have the answer for you.

But before you go delve into all those projects, I though I'd share my 5 favourite ways to use washi tape:

1. Hanging art or making art. It's temporary, striking, and as easy to remove (if not easier) than it was to put  up.

2. Wrapping. Turn any plain paper, bag or tag into something fun with a touch of washi tape. You can even make your own wrapping paper.

3. Adding a special touch to special meals. I especially love the look of a cupcake with a wee washi tape flag. (Okay, that wasn't a cupcake, but I couldn't resist!)

4. Making cards. Birthdays, Christmas, or anytime in between. Everyone loves a handmade card, and these are a breeze to make.

5. Decorating the outgoing mail! A strip of washi tape to seal the envelope. Perhaps a thin border of tape around the address. A little here, a little there and your mail will be as fun to send as it is to receive. (Even better? Washi tape easily peels off most envelopes, allowing the recipient to reuse it, should they wish!)

What's your favourite way to use washi tape?