The Tree of Hope


Have you heard of the Tree of Hope?

A San Francisco tradition since 2006, the 20-25 foot tree is filled each year with thousands of origami cranes bearing the wishes of people from all over the world.

A beautiful tradition, which we think, would make a wonderful addition to your own Christmas tree!

via madpimp

Write your wish on a piece of origami paper (or other square paper) and fold that wish into a paper crane. Cranes can be tricky at first, but we think you'll get the hang of it! 

Check out the instructions above for a step by step guide.

Then take your crane and either hang on the tree or nestle in the branches. Origami cranes are symbols of peace, happiness, good luck and long-life. 

This holiday season we're wishing for peace, health & happiness.

What's your wish this holiday season?