DIY Simple Advent Calendar

Last year, we told you all about our love affair with Advent Calendars! And shared lots of great DIY calendar ideas - here, here, and here!

Do you celebrate Advent? It's pretty much our favourite part of the holiday season!

There are some great Advent Calendars out there which you can use year after year, but it's also fun to mark the days a little differently each year. Last year's calendar was a tower of washi taped boxes, but this year we were inspired by the cute Bitty Bags in the shop.

Since the bags are food safe and recyclable, you can pop your Advent treats directly in them and then recycle the bags once the treats are all gone! (Or reuse them next year, if you're gentle!)

To make your own, you'll need:
  • 24 Bitty Bags in your choice of colours
  • Divine Twine in your choice of colours (about 12 yards in total)
  • Hole Punch
  • Number Stamps & ink (or you can just write the numbers on)

Stamp (or write) numbers 1 to 24 on the bags. Allow to dry.

Insert your advent treats. Fold over the tops and punch 2 holes about an inch apart. Thread approximately 12" (30cm) of twine through the holes from the back and tie into a bow.

That's it, pretty simple right?

Now it's up to you to decide how to display your Advent calendar - attach the bags to a wreath, put them into a basket, pin onto a bulletin board, or hang on a wall or mantle like we did.

If you'd like to hang the calendar, simply thread a long piece of twine through the twine loops at the back of each bag. To remove each day's treat, simply untie the bow and pull (gently) the bag off!

This Advent calendar is still empty (and looking a little sad on that not-Christmasfied mantel), but by the 1st of December it will be filled with yummy goodies - I'm thinking dark chocolate covered almonds and Serenata de Amor (my favourite Brazilian treats - chocolates filled with cashew cream). You just can't get that goodness in a store-filled calendar.

Will you be celebrating Advent this year? What do you hope to find in your Advent calendar?

Want to make a simple Advent Calendar like ours? Pick up one of our Christmas Bitty Packaging Sets - 24 Bitty Bags and 2 colours of Divine Twine. Available in Red & Green or choose Custom and pick your own colours!