1000 Kinds of Stories Notebook

Have you had a chance to check out the new invite.L products in the shop
We are oh so smitten with this clever notebook!

The A 1000 Kinds of stories notebook encourages you to create a collection of 1000. Of what?

1000 days.
1000 wishes.
1000 prayers.
1000 meals.
1000 memories.

It's really up to you! What are you counting?

Let's take a peek inside:

The first page asks - "What is your dream? Then...
An opening index
1000 squares to fill with whatever you please.
Each section of 100 separated with their own cover page.

Makes a great gift for anyone embarking on a new journey - travellers, new parents, newlyweds, teachers. Or gift yourself and keep track of milestones, places, days...

We'd love to know - what 1000 stories would you track?

1st image Omiyage.ca. Remaining images via invite.L