Suzusan Shibori

While roaming the internet, searching for a shibori for my post over on Oh My! Handmade, I happily stumbled across Suzusan Shibori.

Suzusan Textural Shibori

Produced in Arimatsu by a 4th generation shibori master and headquartered in Germany, Suzusan strives to share the beauty of shibori textiles with the world.

Suzusan Scarves

How could you not fall in love with these works of art? Suzusan produces a variety of gorgeous shibori textiles - both traditional and more modern works which play with texture, and fabric accessories. (Don't you want to add a few shibori scarves to your wardrobe? I know I do!) 

Suzusan Luminaires

And I couldn't forget to mention Suzusan Luminaires. Described as "refined tridimensional fabric [presented] as artworks of light",  they are nothing short of beautiful! Visit the product gallery for a closer look at the texture of the fabrics.

Have a wonderful weekend! I don't know about you, but I'll be spending it dreaming about filling my home with shibori!