Mastering Origami

via Pinterest / Original Source

Does origami make you see red? Do you find it more a lesson in frustration than a lesson in relaxation?

We shared this image on our Facebook page yesterday and lots of you agreed that your cranes end up looking more like cabbages than like birds!

How about you? Are you an origami lover or do you prefer your paper flat?


  1. I love origami. I recently learned how to fold my own bows which involves cutting as well as folding... I'll admit there may have been a few swear words when I realised I'd cut the wrong part!

  2. The bows are tricky! But really really cute.

  3. I did make a bunch of little stars one time..are those some sort of origami? Not sure, but I get frustrated making paper airplanes so I'm not thinking I'll be tackling origami cranes anytime soon.

  4. Cranes aren't as difficult as they might seen - but a little patience / practice is key! I think the little stars are considered origami.