Kumihimo: Japanese Braids

Colourful Braids - Matome

With friendship bracelets experiencing a resurgence in popularity, I thought it might be interesting to take a look at the Japanese art of Kumihimo.


While this braiding technique began as a type of finger-loop weaving, there are now a variety of looms and stands used to create intricate round or flat cords.  Here's a lovely little video demonstrating how a round cord is woven.

Kumihimo - Wafu Works

The most common use of kumihimo is for obijime - the thin woven belts used to tie an obi in traditional Japanese dress. Historically, kumihimo has been used in samurai armour, sword hilts, and ornamentation.

Obijime - Tokyo135

In modern day, more and more artisans are adopting the braiding techniques of kumihimo to create unique jewelry and accessories.

Kumihimo Necklace "The Savannah" - Sand Fibers

Want to know more? Here's a wonderful article exploring the history of kumihimo and the different techniques used to create these gorgeous braids.

Want to see more? I'm enchanted by the kumihimo found here.