Kokeshi - Annelore Parot

In the mood for some Japanese cuteness?  A lovely customer told me about Annelore Parot's Kokeshi books and I knew right away that I'd have to share!

For those of you wondering, kokeshi are traditional Japanese wooden dolls.  The dolls in Annelore's books take you on a journey exploring Tokyo, Japanese culture, traditional clothing - all in an undeniably cute way!

Ride the subway in Tokyo, visit the cosplay girls in Harajuku, soak in a nice hot bath.  While the books are written in French, they are incredibly visual (and have I mentioned - cute!)

There's also on online Kokeshi Club - where you can learn more about the characters and their world, the books, download a new wallpaper for your computer, and even try your hand at some kokeshi activities.  (You need to join to access the activities).

Do you have any favourite books or sites full of cuteness that you think we should share?  Please leave your suggestions in the comments, or drop us an email at info(at)omiyage.ca

In the meantime, have fun exploring Kokeshi cuteness - and happy Tuesday!