A Thousand Paper Cranes for Christchurch

Maddie from Li'l Magoolie has an idea - that if people from all over the world can work together to fold 1000 Paper Cranes, perhaps her wish for Christchurch will be granted.  

You see, paper cranes are a symbol of peace and of harmony, and it is believed that folding 1000 of them can make a wish come true.

Maddie's wish?

"I’m hoping that if a thousand paper cranes are folded in remembrance of those who died in the earthquake last week, it can also symbolise our wish for this city. A wish that this kind of devastation will never come again. For our city to stop shaking. For our lives to go back to normal."

We'll be folding some.  Folding wishes for the people of Christchurch.  We've been through a nasty earthquake, known the terror, but were lucky that it didn't happen to our home.