Oh So Pretty Origami Ribbons

Tweety Atelier

Spotted these origami bows over on Zakka Life, and oh am I smitten!

They're a wee bit tricky, and your first one might look like my first one which looked nothing like a bow, but once you get the hang of it they are oh so lovely to behold!

I let you in on a couple of secrets - because I think you'll love them too.  Click on over to Tweety Atelier and don't be alarmed to find the site's in Korean - the language of folding is all in the pictures anyway!  You'll find the pictorial tutorial for the bows in the Origami section, on the 3rd page (and you get to look at all sorts of other pretties on the way!)

Here's the secret to success - in steps 9 and 13, you need scissors!

Happy folding!