Monday Morning Eye Candy: Seijin-no-Hi

Today is (was) Seijin no Hi - Coming of Age Day - in Japan.

Photo - d'n'c

The second Monday of January is a national holiday - set aside to celebrate all those who turned 20 (the age of majority) the year before.

Should you be in Japan on Seijin no Hi, you will be delighted to catch sight of young women dressed in furisode - long-sleeved kimono - often with large fur or feather collars.

Photo - Ericity

For many young women, this will be the first formal kimono they own.  Many more will rent their furisode or wear  their mother's.  The long sleeves are symbolic of being single and of a marriageable age.  Once a woman marries, she no longer wears the long sleeves of a young, single woman.

William Soo

It is, however, more than just a ceremony in a pretty dress. There are formal pictures to be taken.  The excitement of seeing your friends all dressed up.  Reunions at City Hall with your friends from Elementary School and Junior High.  It's a bit reminiscent of the Western Prom or Debutante Ball.  But however you see it, it sure is beautiful!

Photo - Bloompy
And yes, this is a celebration for both young women and young men - though, these days, the men's traditional hakama are often replaced with a suit and tie