Year of the Origami Rabbit

Inspired by this post over on Oh My! Handmade, I've been dreaming of folding up a herd of origami rabbits to celebrate the Year of the Rabbit.  (Did you know that group of rabbits is called a herd?  Neither did I, till I googled it!)

Of course, little did I know that there were so many kinds of origami bunnies to be found.

There are Puffy Bunnies:

Origami Fun

Sparkly Bunnies:

Swarovski Create Your Style

Complicated Bunnies:

Komatsu Hideo

Even more Complicated Bunnies:

Tomohiro Tachi

And Simple Bunnies, too:

Andis Niedre Design

Happy folding!  Need origami paper, Omiyage can help!