Feeling Lucky? Fukubukuro - Japanese Lucky Bags

It's a New Year's Day tradition in Japan for retailers to offer "fukubukuro" or "lucky bags".  There's nothing like the combination of surprise and a good deal to make you feel just a little bit giddy - and is there a better feeling to start off a new year?

Here at Omiyage, we wanted to get in on the fukubukuro fun!

Throughout the site, you'll see these cheerful striped bags.  From January 1st to 7th, we're offering 2 sizes of Lucky Bags.

The Small Lucky Bag is priced at $10.00, and while we can't tell you what's inside, we can tell you that you're guaranteed at least $15.00 worth of Omiyage merchandise.

Looking for a bigger surprise?  We're also offering a Large Lucky Bag for $25.00, which will surprise you with at least $40.00 worth of Omiyage merchandise.

Good luck to you in 2011!