DIY: Valentines for the Washi Lover

Looking for a Valentine idea that isn't too sweet?

These Valentines celebrate the beauty of chiyogami and the charm of a simple heart.

To make your own,  you'll need:
  • card stock
  • chiyogami
  • craft knife
  • glue
  • bone folder or a reasonable alternative
Let's imagine you're making a card that opens upwards (not sideways) like the peach and black examples above.  For a final card which is 5" wide and 4" tall, you will need to start with a piece of card stock 5" x 12". (The original height should always be 3 times the desired final height).

Score the card stock at 4" and 8" with the bone folder.  Fold and crease.

The card will have 3 sections.  Using the craft knife, cut the heart from the centre section. We found that cutting from the back to the front was more successful, and allowed us to draw on the card as the back of the centre section will be hidden when the card is complete. Draw a line down the centre of the middle section and cut one side of the heart out.  Use this half as a template for the second half of the heart. 

Flip the card over and use the craft knife to refine your heart shape.  When satisfied, glue the washi paper to the back of the centre section.  Fold the 3rd section of the card (below the heart) over the washi paper and glue into place.  Allow to dry before filling with words of love!

Feeling the need to glam up your Valentine?  Grab a gold marker and doodle away!

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