Get Excited...

We want you to get excited for the Oh My! Handmade Holidays Giveaway!

Running from December 5th to 24th, the Oh My! Handmade giveaway is one with a bit of a difference. Here's how:

This will be a unique giveaway - readers will be able to enter as usual for themselves by visiting the participating stores/artists and promoting the giveaway, but they will also be able to enter for others. Readers will be encouraged to enter up to five registered charities, non-profits and causes. The winning charity/organization will be able to auction or raffle the basket off as a fundraiser or give it forward to a local family/child in need of a little handmade love. It’s a giveaway that gives!

And here's a sneak peek at some of the goodies:

Gotta love a giveaway that gives back! 

Visit Oh My! Handmade for a full list of contributors (including Omiyage - you can see some of the goodies we contributed in the lower left corner there). And don't worry, we'll remind you on December 5th to enter.