Make Mine a Bento

Lunch looking a little drab?
Tired of your daily sandwich?
Why not Bento?

Omiyage carries a selection of coveted Shinzi Katoh bento boxes.

Perch - single layer bento with removable trays

 Little Red Double Layer Bento

Little Red 4 Piece Stacking Lunch Set

Alice Double Layer Bento - with Fork

Alice 4 Piece Stacking Lunch Set

This holiday season, why not wrap a little Shinzi Katoh up!  Available on - check our Lifestyle section!

Want to know more about Bento?  Not sure where to start? Check out Just Bento - the blog, the flickr group, the book!


  1. Just to let you know, we have all these Shinzi Katoh bentos, and my kids & I LOVE them!!! My pre-schooler adores his Perch bento & makes snack time fun & easy. My daughter who's in Grade 5 actually eats all her lunch now, and her friends love her cute Alice bento and lunch set! As for me, I use the Little Red set to store knick knacks for my scrapbooking, and to change things up, my daughter also borrows my Little Red bento from time to time. Thanks Omiyage and to Marisa ... there are extra smiles in our household! :)

  2. Thanks so much Grace! Glad to hear that you and your kiddies are enjoying the bentos!