DIY Advent Calendar

Here's our take on a fill-your-own Advent Calendar.  It's simple, reusable and uses our beloved mt washi tape.  What more could we ask for this Christmas?

You'll need 24 small boxes.  We chose white, but kraft would look wonderful too.

Place a small gift or candy or a slip of paper with a Christmas wish or activity into each box.

Wrap washi tape around the boxes like ribbon.  We chose 2 colours, imagining that 2 people would share this calendar - Green Tartan and Red Honmame, available on

Cut 24 squares of card stock / art paper in desired colour.  Cut 24 squares of white card stock / art paper slightly smaller than your coloured paper.

Write the numbers from 1 to 24 on the white squares.  (You could also print your numbers).

Glue the numbered squares to the coloured squares.  Glue to front of boxes.

Stack your boxes in whatever form you desired.  When opening, if the tape is slit rather than removed, this calendar can easily be reused.

We picked up our boxes at Solutions.  Find Japanese washi tape in over 50 colours and patterns at