The weekend that was...

How was your weekend? Ours was a bit drizzly, but a little bit of drizzle is always good incentive to take it easy!

Popped into our local Ikea (total zoo! Labour day weekend not a good time for a leisurely browse) and the new fabrics are pretty fabulous (and, must say, I do love a good Ikea fabric) :
Annamoa Blue
Annamoa Multicolour
Britten Hus

Cooked up some new projects to share with you over the next little while (no actual cooking required!)

Placed a few orders for some new products for Omiyage and to restock some of our popular items.  We're pretty excited about the 2011 calendars that will be arriving later this month.

And enjoyed some downtime too.  Here's hoping that your last long summer weekend was a good one!

We'll be back a little later today with a look at some of the products available on