September is Time for Quilting

And it's September (though the weather outside may still be August-y)!  Seems like this was the fastest summer on record.  But I must say, yet again, that I am ready for Fall.  Yesterday, I was even overcome by the need (the NEED!) to knit something.

But what's really been on my mind lately?  Quilting.  Now, I'm no quilter, but I can't shake the thought that it's time to learn.  Maybe with something small - for that baby boom I was talking about a couple weeks ago.  While I contemplate it a little more, feast your eyes on these delicious looking quilts.

Polka Dot Quilt via Whip Up

Lovely Teal & Yellow Quilt - Kirin Notebook

Tokyo Subway Map Mini Quilt - Oh Fransson!

Are you a quilter? 
What do you love about it? 
How did you get started? 
Please post links to your quilting projects in the comments - we'd love some more inspiration!
What Japanese (quilting or otherwise) fabrics would you like to see carry?

P.S. - Love that Tokyo Subway Map Quilt?  There's a Tokyo Subway Map Quilt-Along on Oh Fransson!  And it's for a big version (a 1600 tiny square version to be exact.)