Friday Favourites: Twitter Redux

Happy Friday!  Hope it's been a good week for all and you had some time to admire the moon.

By the way - what do you see when you look at the moon?  Here in Canada, there's talk of the Man in the Moon, while in Japan, they say you can see two rabbits pounding mochi.  How about you?  What can you see when you look at the moon?

This week's links?  Some of the great links we've spotted, posted and retweeted on twitter.  Not following @Omiyage_ca on Twitter?  Here's what you may have missed!

Tokyo Apt via Today Tomorrow

On the hunt for a great 2011 calendar?  We have some fabulous calendars coming in from Japan.  Should be listed in the shop in early(ish) October.  Shinzi Katoh, Sachiko Iwabuchi, Karel Capek, and more!  These will make wonderful gifts - to yourself or someone else!

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