DIY: Charming Postcard Books

Yesterday, we waxed poetic about the joys of postcards.   And surely, we're not the only ones guilty of collecting postcards from here, there and everywhere.  But, I suppose, there's only so many you can frame, and if you're longing to hang on to a postcard rather than send it away, why not make a Postcard Book?!

Postcard Book featuring a cute Shinzi Katoh design.

This little book is the perfect size for holding photographs, sketches, or for waxing poetic yourself!

Our DIY Postcard Book is also perfect for lovers of Japanese washi tape.  Whether you've collected a few rolls and are always looking for something new to stick, or whether you're looking for a good excuse to buy some, here's a cute project that puts that tape to good use!

Materials needed. Featuring sweet Sachiko Iwabuchi postcard.

To make your own Postcard Book, you will need:

  • postcard (our postcards are standard 4 x 6 inch size)
  • washi tape
  • chipboard or cardboard
  • desired paper (we used black card stock in one version to be used as a photo album, and white art paper in another)
  • ribbon
  • spray adhesive (or glue)

  • paper cutter
  • hole punch
  • bone folder (or a reasonable alternative - we used a knitting needle, which probably isn't altogether that reasonable)
  • ruler

1. Using paper cutter, cut chipboard into two 4 1/2 x 7 1/2 inch pieces. (11.5 x 19 cm).  These will become the front and back covers of your book.

2. Cut desired number of pages for your book.  Our book is going to be a collection of sweet recipes, so we cut a baker's dozen of pages (that would be 13!)  Pages should have the same dimensions as chipboard or be slightly smaller.

Front cover - taping complete

3. Decorate one piece of chipboard with washi tape.  As most of the chipboard will be covered with your postcard, save tape by not taping all the way into the middle.  Use your postcard as a guide to see how far into the middle you'll need to tape.

4. To cover tape ends on back side of front cover, use a piece of paper cut to the same size as covers.  We used spray adhesive to attach the paper to the back side of cover.

5. Using a bone folder (or reasonable alternative - see above) and ruler / straight edge, score both covers and all pages approximately 1 1/4 inches (3 cm) from top edge.

6. Punch 2 holes in the top of both covers and all pages.  Ensure holes are punched in the same place in all sheets of paper and both covers.  We punched one cover and then used those holes as a template / stencil, marking where to punch on the remaining cover and pages.

7. Use spray adhesive or glue to attach postcard to front cover.  Make sure you cover the tapeless section left in the centre of the cover.

8.  Thread ribbon through holes in back cover.  Ribbon should lay flat on back cover with ends of equal length extending through the holes. Run ribbon through holes in all pages and finally the front cover.

9. Tie ribbon into bow and trim ends.  (We used a little Fray Check on the ends to stop fraying). Et voila!

The finished book!

What's great about this book is that you can decide its purpose.  Notebook, sketchbook, photo book - it's up to you!  Want to add more pages?  Simply untie the ribbon, lift off the front cover and add more.

Ready to make your own?

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