It's a Tape Party!

Japanese masking tape really is a perfect tool for creating a cohesive party look.  Easy to use and super versatile, we'd love to see mt masking tape used for decorating your next party (or even wedding!)

To begin with, a cute idea for bunting invitations from mer mag via iDIY .  Rather elegant in a yellow, black and white, we think these would be perfect for a baby shower using tape in playful polka dots or for a birthday party in some fun colours.

Here's a look at a great party decor concept via Project Wedding.  With a fresh turquoise and yellow colour scheme, sweet tape garlands and flags, this look would be easy to replicate.  Perfect for a shower, brunch, etc.

Why not take the tape decorations one step further and decorate a wall with tape?  Spell out HAPPY BIRTHDAY or IT'S A BOY or a simple LOVE in tape.  Celebrating a particular person, couple or milestone?  Use the tape to attach pictures to the the wall.  A quick, easy and attractive wall collage that's just as easy to remove as it is to put up.  The hardest part will be deciding which pictures to use!

image from Livingetc via Poppytalk

We'd love to see an Amy Atlas style dessert table accented with Japanese masking tape. Use the tape as cupcake / straw flags, instead of ribbon on candy vessels, to seal small bags of treats, to decorate brownie pop or candy apple sticks.  So many ways to add a little pop of fabulous tape!

via Sweet Designs by Amy Atlas
via Sweet Designs by Amy Atlas

How gorgeous are these cake garlands from d-sharp?  Spotted on Poppytalk, we're thinking that you could recreate this look with Japanese masking tape.  For a wedding, birthday, shower... so lovely!

Planning a party?  Check out Omiyage's selection of gorgeous Japanese washi tapes from mt masking tape.  And don't forget, for a limited time, we'll send you a free roll of mt Deco tape when you spend $30 or more at Omiyage.

Planning a wedding? Tune in tomorrow.  We've teamed up with a great Canadian wedding blog, The Girl in the Pink Wedding Dress, to bring you a couple of great DIY projects for incorporating mt masking tape into your wedding day!