Chop Chop: A Clever Little Wrap

We promised you a little project.  Using up scraps from yesterday's apron.  And what a clever little project it is!  Can you guess what it is?

Need a clue?  This sweet little wrap is the perfect accompaniment to your sushi to-go!

Why a chopstick case, of course!  Carry your own chopsticks with you and say no to the disposable kind.

And these aren't just any chopsticks.  Say hello to Ukihashi, "the restless chopsticks" from +d.

Ukihashi's special angled tips ensure they never touch the tabletop, and that you won't need a chopstick rest!  Find them in the Dining section on

Then again, we aren't all chopstick lovers, are we?  Don't worry, this clever little case will fit your fork, spoon and / or knife.  Forget plastic, take your own utensils when you do take out!

Want a case of your own?  This project is oh so simple and fast!  We made ours out of Kokka Glittery Animal Damask fabric and brown bamboo jersey with a piece of ribbon to tie it all up.

Visual learner?  Check out this picture tutorial (in Japanese) on how to make 2 cases from two 30cm / 12" squares of fabric.  Otherwise, read on:

1. Cut two right angled triangles out of your desired fabrics.   The equal sides (what does one call those sides?  Umm, not the hypotenuse!  Or is that too math-y?) should be about 30cm / 12" long.

2. Pin the two triangles together, right sides facing in.  If using ribbon, fold in half and pin folded end to the centre point of the triangle.  Ribbon should be sandwiched between the two pieces of fabric.  (You want the folded part to end up on the inside after stitching.)

3. Stitch around outside of triangle.  Leave a large enough space in the sewing to turn triangles right side out.

4. When stitching is complete, turn right side out.  Press.

5. Hand stitch opening in triangle.  Press.

6. Fold in the corners without ribbon.  You'll probably want to measure your chopsticks while doing this to make sure they'll fit in the finished product.  (Ours is 9" / 23cm wide with corners folded in). Press, pin and sew the corners down.

That's it!  Simple and fast and stash-busting to boot!

We think this case would be a great way to wrap up a special pair of chopsticks as a gift.

A little too feminine for you?  Forget the hot pink ribbon, try a simple elastic loop and button, a leather lace or even just velcro.