About Us

Omiyage Blogs aims to bring you a daily dose of pretty crafty things. From DIY projects to art-y eye candy, product news to daily life, we find beauty in the small things, embrace simple pleasures and don't believe a craft project needs to take a whole lot of time, money or materials to be fabulous. We love handmade, art, travel and Japan!

Who are we? Marisa & Elias, that's who! Though most days you'll find Marisa is the one writing here, Elias LOVES your comments, so keep them coming! ;)

Our shop, Omiyage, was founded in the summer of 2010. Having moved from Japan to Canada in 2007 (after a combined 12 years in the land of the rising sun), we found ourselves missing Japanese stuff an awful lot! After a couple of years feeling sad every time we walked into a fabric store, or a craft store or, well, pretty much any store, we decided to do something about it!

Omiyage (pronounced OH-ME-AW-GAY) is Japanese for souvenir. But, in Japan, omiyage is so much more than just a souvenir. It's a way of life. A way to share a taste of the culture you have visited with loved ones. In Japan, no matter how close or far you stray from home, you bring a little something back to share with family, friends and coworkers.

Omiyage was created to bring some of the Japanese products we love to the Canadian market. As we've grown, we've expanded our selection to goodies from all over, not just just Japan. Omiyage is a full of cute, clever + crafty goods - and the perfect place to find a roll of washi tape, some cute stationery or lovely packaging supplies.
Marisa loves pretty paper, afternoon tea, the smell of the ocean and flip flops.
Elias loves summertime music, seeing the world, Japanese electronic stores and flip flops.
And if a mutual adoration for flip flops isn't love, we don't know what is! ;)