Shaped Tapes Have More Fun!

Do you have any die cut tapes in your collection?

They are so much fun! Everything we love about regular washi tape but with fancy edges... and totally adorable designs. We've added a selection of shaped tapes to the shop from a few different brands. Hope you like them as much as we do!

Multicolour deco hearts, stars and dots are dynamic! How great would these look on your outgoing snail mail?

These shaped designs from Yano are a bit more sophisticated - I've had the top tableware design in my collection for awhile and it's a favourite!

Pesky in real life, cute tape can even make mice look appealing.

My favourite of the bunch are these illustrated designs from Spacecraft. So many beautiful ones - I want to keep them all for myself. Not all are shaped but there are some die cut tapes in the mix - like that fab cake design and the watercolour moons.

Find all the new designs over in our New Arrivals section.

I'm pretty smitten with the sumo wrestlers, space, deco dots and cake designs. Which ones do you love?