Oh My! Gift Guide - Week 6 - Stocking Stuffers

In the 8 weeks leading up till Christmas, I'm teaming up with Oh My! Handmade to create a series of gift guides featuring artists, makers and small businesses as both the gifts and the gift pickers.

I love stocking stuffers! Whether it's just a toothbrush or some fancy-shmancy gourmet chocolate, nothing beats unwrapping each small treasure. This week, the Oh My! Gift Guide is all about stocking stuffers and affordable gifts under $25. Go see what we love and why we love it!

And don't forget to pop over to Pinterest for even more great picks!


  1. I'm happy to find your blog. I lived in Japan for almost three years and have returned more than once - it feels like my second home. I totally understand the motivation behind your blog. Can't wait to look around and see more!

    1. Hi Margie - Japan really captures your heart, doesn't it! Looks like you've had lots of interesting adventures. ~ Marisa