New - Story Tape!

Pretty excited to introduce our new line of tapes. These gorgeous designs from Kikusui Story Tape are a fantastic mix of traditional, kawaii and modern watercolour patterns.

I snapped a few phone pics to share with you!

Multicolour balloons and a mix of watercolour designs. How great are those dots?

City life meets tradition.

Cute illustrated designs take you from the tea house to the garden to the Colosseum.

Lovely potted plants, pretty birds on a bronze background and a fantastic rain print.

Or how about tape made from kraft paper? Classic natural brown kraft or black with white designs. A bit thicker and a bit tackier than washi tape, but perfect for all sorts of crafty adventures.

My favourite bit? These clever snap-on tape cutters transform a roll of tape into a self-contained Some designs come with these, others with matching dispenser-style boxes. Both are fantastic!

Do you have a favourite amongst the new designs?