Lucky Bags Are Here!

A little bit late - but no less lovely - our 2014 Lucky Bags have arrived in the shop!

I snapped a few pictures while I packed so you could have a sneak peek at the goodies inside.

Cute stationery, packaging / party supplies and lots of pretty tape!

Like surprises? You'll love Omiyage's Lucky Bags. Kind of like the goody bags of your youth but with fewer candy necklaces and more cute + useful goods! Inspired by Japanese fukubukuro, our Lucky Bags will help you start the new year with cute & colourful flair.


  1. oooh these look so pretty! I love the metallic tape- I had a look at your shop and found the slim set but was wondering if you were planning on stocking the thicker packs that you can see in the photos above? thanks :-)

    1. They're always really fun to put together!

      I actually just pulled all of the thicker metallic tapes out of the shop and added them to the lucky bags. I still have a few lucky bags which are unwrapped, so if you'd like any of the thicker tapes, please let me know and I'll grab them and put them aside for you. The two sets are magenta/silver/green & red/gold/blue. $2.50 per pack. ~M

    2. Oh dangit. silly me for not looking earlier. About much would postage to Australia be?

    3. We offer a standard rate of $7.50 CDN for international orders up to 250g (or 220g before packaging). These tape sets are about 20g each. If you'd prefer, you can email me at marisa(at)