Birthday Preparations

Yesterday was a busy one - full of prep for Omiyage's third birthday.

We'll be celebrating in our favourite way - with special items and other fun promos all July long!

Of course, we are doing our Birthday Surprise Packs again this year. These Omiyage-exclusive bags full of fun are always super popular - and only are available twice a year. January and July.

There will also be some Washi Tape Grab Bags up for grabs. But only 12 of them... and this year they have cute little tape dispensers. Want one? You'll have to set a reminder for Tuesday, July 2nd at noon est. Last time we offered these, they sold out in one hour.

And for extra fun, we're offering $3 Lucky Dip bags. One small sweet surprise... okay, so it's mainly washi tape, but there are a few other cute things in there too!

A few bullet points to get us through the long weekend:
  • Birthday Surprise Packs, Washi Tape Grab Bags & Lucky Dips will be available on Tuesday, July 2nd at noon est.
  • I'm sure you all know that Google Reader is going away - anyone else terribly sad about it? Anyway, we'd love it if you'd continue to follow us via Bloglovin, Feedly or the reader of your choice
  • Next week, we'll be running a special promo to raise funds for the relief work in flood-stricken Calgary. $3.00 from every purchase made between July 1-3 will be donated to the Canadian Red Cross. I hope you'll help us support their efforts.
  • Happy Canada Day to all our fellow Canadians! This will be Elias' first Canada Day as a Canadian citizen - so we'll be sure to eat a few extra butter tarts / nanaimo bars / servings of poutine to make it extra-special!

Dressing Up Basic Bags

These envelopes left me itching for more, so I thought I'd try the look on paper bags too. Perfect for wrapping up something special - we'll be using these to package this year's Surprise Packs. Yep, Surprise Packs - they'll be in the shop next Tuesday - our favourite way to celebrate Omiyage's birthday, and a great way for you to treat yourself to something fun!

You'll need a paper bag, a few rolls of washi tape, a mini paper doily and, of course, some washi tape stickers. Learn the simple trick to making your own here.

A couple strips of washi tape, notched at the ends for a more ribbon-y look, create the base for this look.

Next, glue on your doily. I like spray glue for this - trying to use a glue stick on a paper doily is a pretty messy endeavour. Try different positions or even wrap your doily around the side of the bag.

Then layer on a strip of message washi tape and one (or more) of your washi tape stickers.

Instead of message tape, you could write your own text on a strip of tape (these are my favourite for writing on washi tape) or even try our technique for transferring text to tape.

Try different combinations of tape for different looks...

Or different positions for your details.

What do you think? How do you dress up basic paper bags?

5 Minute DIY - Washi Tape Stickers

Have a roll of special washi tape that you're not quite sure what to do with? Why not make stickers?

Simply stick your washi tape to a piece of waxed/parchment paper and cut out the designs. Et voila - washi tape stickers!

What would you use these for? I'll show you how I'm using them in our next blog post.

DIY: Washi Tape Dots

Next week marks Omiyage's third birthday - which means this week is all about prepping for a little birthday fun! Like these washi tape dots - as I was making them last night (they're a pretty perfect park-yourself-in-front-of-the-tv activity), I thought you might like making them too!

When you want to graduate from simple strips of washi tape to shapes, waxed paper or parchment paper will be your best friend. I would recommend testing this technique on a small section of the paper before covering it with tape so that you aren't left with shapes that are frustrating to peel off. The finished shapes should peel off with little effort. I use the leftover paper backings of our shipping labels and one side is perfect - the other side is too matte and might just have caused a crafty tantrum or two. Maybe.

Anyway, simply cover your piece of waxed/parchment paper with strips of washi tape. Ensure to start from one end and work towards the other, laying strips so that they overlap slightly. If you lay the strips randomly or don't overlap, when you go to peel your sticker off your backing it will come apart and then you can either attempt to re-line up the tiny strips or simply scrap it. This too might cause mega-frustration. Maybe. Either way, it's best just to make sure you overlap those strips!

Flip your parchment paper over, grab a roll of washi tape and use it as a template for your dots. I used the inside of the roll, but you could use the outside edge or something else entirely, if you'd prefer a different size.

You could, of course, use a paper punch to create your shapes. But, if like me, your paper punch would rather chew your carefully arranged washi tape/waxed paper combo than punch it - good old-fashioned cutting works wonders!

Cut out your dots. If your traced circles were a little wonky, try rounding them out a bit as you cut. Yes, those are a pair of small sewing scissors. No, I don't recommend them for paper cutting, but if you know where my regular scissors are, please feel free to let me in on the secret!

There you go, cute washi tape dots - custom stickers perfect for dressing up gift wrap, notebooks, blank walls, envelopes...

As for me, I'm using mine to decorate washi tape grab bags.

A limited number of these will be available in the shop next week. Just one taste of the special goodies you can look forward to during our third birthday festivities!

Any questions about this technique? What would you use washi tape dots for?

Washi Tape Popsicle Card - Version Two

Did you see our first version of Popsicle Cards? If so, you might be thinking another popsicle card post?! But, bear with me here, because we love options! And while some of you may love a shaped card, for others it might be a little intimidating - or maybe you simply prefer a card-shaped card. So options it is!

To create your popsicle, lay strips of washi tape onto a piece of waxed or parchment paper. Make sure to lay the strips so that they overlap slightly.

Cut out your popsicle shape. I freehanded this one, but you can also draw or trace the shape onto your waxed/parchment paper before applying the tape.

Grab a blank card (or make your own out of card stock). Take a strip of wood grain washi tape, round one end and stick onto your card. Carefully peel the popsicle shape off of the paper backing, ensuring that you start with the bottom-most strip that you applied. If you laid all the tape strips overlapping and in order, your shape should pull off of the paper backing in one piece.

Finally, stick your delicious popsicle tape sticker onto the front of your card!

Experiment with different washi tape combinations to find the most delicious one.

Wouldn't these make sweet invitations to a backyard summer party?

Happy summer & happy crafting!

Send Pretty Mail #28/29 - Sweet Details

Is it just me, or is 2013 zooming past? Only one more week of June, and one more piece of pretty mail to send, and we'll be halfway through this year and halfway through this project. Nuts!

Anyway, back to the mail. We brought in these sweet little paper doilies this week - for somewhat selfish reasons, because I thought they'd make a really lovely addition to pretty mail. And I think I was right!

Combining the doilies with washi tape and paper tape make for soft & pretty look.

Stamped details add an extra layer of interest.

Washi tape ends snipped into points and small confetti like pieces are more interesting than simple strips.

While I'm usually drawn to brights and monochromatic colours (I know - it may seem like it at times, but it's really not all pink all the time over here!), it was nice to play with softer shades of pink and mint.

Have you sent or received any pretty mail lately?

Want to receive some pretty mail in YOUR mailbox? Send me a note at with your mailing address and a little something about yourself. I'll be making a list and choosing new friends to send mail to each month. And don't worry if you don't hear back from me right away - if you send your info, you should find a pretty piece of mail headed your way some time this year!

DIY Washi Tape Popsicle Cards

With the official start of summer just a couple days away, these popsicle-shaped washi tape cards are the perfect hot weather greeting!

For the longest time, I was puzzled by our wood grain washi tape - I knew I liked it, but I couldn't quite wrap my head around what to do with it. You know, other than decorate things! And then, it hit me - wood grain washi tape makes for the best-looking popsicle sticks since, well, popsicle sticks!

To craft these cute cards, start with a piece of card stock approximately 10cm x 24cm.
Fold in half - your card should now be approximately 10cm x 12cm.
Cut folded card stock into a popsicle shape - kind of like a triangle with a rounded top and corners - or a piece of candy corn you've already bitten the tip off. Make sure you don't cut through the fold at the top! My final cards (without sticks) are about 9cm x 12cm.
Cover one or both sides with washi tape strips.

To make the stick, cut a strip of cardstock approximately 1.5cm x 10cm. Cover both sides with wood grain washi tape. Round one edge. Tape to the inside of your card.

If you'd like to mail your popsicle card, simply fold the stick inside the card before sliding into your envelope.

Pretty cute, right? Check back tomorrow for another version of popsicle cards!

Happy crafting!

Send Pretty Mail #26/27 - Happy Home Mail

New homes call for celebratory mail - who wouldn't want pretty snail mail in their new mailbox rather than all those boring letters from Bill?

Kraft paper + sharpie doodles

Sweet cottage cards (more pink is always better)

A little handmade something for the feathering of new nests

Colourful packages tied up with twine, washi tape cards tucked in for a safe voyage

Colourful labels - two are better than one - just add spray glue

All packaged up - with a little washi tape for added colour...

And ready to go. (Oh, and I wouldn't trust washi tape alone to a trek through the postal service. These will get all wrapped up in a layer of packing tape before heading to the mail box!)

Have you sent or received any pretty mail lately?

Want to receive some pretty mail in YOUR mailbox? Send me a note at with your mailing address and a little something about yourself. I'll be making a list and choosing new friends to send mail to each month. And don't worry if you don't hear back from me right away - if you send your info, you should find a pretty piece of mail headed your way some time this year!