A Valentine's Day Giveaway!

Remember when Valentine's Day was all about the celebration of all kinds of love - not just love of the romantic variety? When you'd hand out handwritten cards to everyone in the class and craft up an extra special one for your parents? It was celebration of hearts & pink & red & more than a little bit tacky. It was pretty fantastic, right?

This year, we're loving love - all kinds of love - and we love you, our customers & readers, so here's one way we're showing it. On Valentine's Day, we'll randomly choose someone from our mailing list to send an extra-special Valentine's Paper Pack. Simply sign up for our newsletter (we send them out 1-2 times a month with special deals, new product news and other fun stuff) and you're automatically entered. 

If you're already signed up, you're already entered!

Happy Monday! Have a love-ly day!


  1. Hello! I live in Japan. Can I enter even if I'm so far away?? ;)

    1. You sure can! Our customers are located all over the world... and so our giveaways are (almost always) international. Good luck!

    2. Thank you so much!!! ;)


  2. Lovely! Thanks so much Marisa!