October Giveaway Number Four

Our fourth (and final) October Friday Giveaway is the biggest / easiest / funnest (is that even a word?) of the lot!

Simply join our mailing list by the end of the month (October 31st) and you'll be automatically entered to win a sweet Omiyage Surprize Pack filled with a taste of what we're loving this month. That means gold & silver sparkle, bold patterns, metallic twine and glitter!

Omiyage's Newsletter arrives in your mailbox 1-2 times per month filled with product news, chances to win and exclusive promos.

The winner of Giveaway Number Four will be announced in next week's Newsletter!


  1. WOOT! I'm already subscribed. Thanks for the wicked giveaway! FINGERS CROSSED Pleeeease god/gods of randomness, pick meeee!

  2. anche io ... se posso, naturalmente!