Holiday Colours

Bear with me for a moment as I skip right past some pretty major (and awesome) Autumn holidays to ask you an important question!

We're considering putting together a few tape sets for holiday wrapping / crafting / decorating.

So here's the question - What colour combination(s) do you love for the holidays? What tape colour combos would you like to see?

We're a fairly traditional Red/White/Silver household around these parts.

How about you?

Green & Gold?
Blue & Silver?
Hot Pink & _____?

We'd love to know your favourite colour combos for the holidays so please leave us a comment!


  1. Blue & silver for Hanukkah--pretty!

  2. I mix it up! Red, green, and silver is common...but so is blue and silver. Occasional touches of gold...I just love the festivity of it all.

  3. oooh, hot pink and a dark grey/gunmetal, that would be fab too! I think this is a great idea!