DIY: Neon Necklace

I asked Renee Elliott of Re: Creative to stop by and share her brand of DIY with us. That means fun and fashionable and, this season, Neon! With out further ado, here's Renee and her awesome neon necklace:

I love me some neon and couldn’t be happier when an entire neon package from Omiyage arrived in my mail! I made this super easy necklace (it’s easier than it looks I promise!) using the yellow neon twine and a little silver chain. Pair this necklace with a cute maxi skirt, basic white tee and you’re all set!

  • Neon twine
  • 4 jump rings
  • Chain
  • 2 end caps
  • Clasp
  • Wire cutters
  • Set of pliers
  • Jewellery glue
  • 2 toothpicks

1. Make a loop around your thumb with the twine. Weave the twine in and out of your fingers until there are 2 rows of twine on the front of each finger.

2. Pull the bottom twine over the top twine and over each finger one at a time. Weave the twine in and out again until you have 2 rows again. Repeat this step over and over until you are happy with the weave and length.

3. Next, carefully lift the twine from your fingers and create a knot with all 4 loops. Make a knot on the opposite end.  Cut off any excess twine.

4. Using the toothpicks, apply glue to the inside of one end cap and on one of the knots. Place the knot inside the end cap using the non glue toothpick to push in all the loose ends. Repeat on the other knot.

5. Decide on the length of your chain and cut it to the desired length using the wire cutters. Fold your chain piece in half and cut your chain at the fold.

6. Open up a jump ring using the set of pliers and loop it through one of the end caps and one side of the chain. Close up the jump ring. Repeat on the other side using the other half of the chain.

 7. Put a jump ring on the other side of each piece of chain being sure to loop through the clasp on one of the ends. Close up the jump rings and your necklace is complete!

Want to have more crafty fun with Renee? If you're in the Toronto area, Renee teaches craft workshops at her studio in Parkdale. (And what a studio it is - check out the amazing transformation of the studio space over on Design*Sponge.) Love DIY, but want someone else to do it for you? Re: Creative is also available for event styling, store window styling and furniture makeovers. 

You can also catch up with Renee over on her popular lifestyle blog Eat Live Shop or on Twitter.