Calendars & Cuties

I did the ol' calendar switch last week. While I'm loving my new calendar, I couldn't quite bear the thought of recycling the gorgeous Sawako Hikita calendar which saw me through 2011.

So I thought to myself - WWHSD? (That's What Would Hello Sandwich Do?) Why she'd keep all the good bits, of course!

So that's what I'm doing - cutting out all the best illustrations to use for gift tags and wrapping and what not. So fun! Why not do the same? Keep the good bits in your craft corner for when inspiration hits. Much better than tossing it in the recycling bin, if I do say so myself.

What else is new?

These cuties will be available soon - slowly but surely clearing out old stock and bringing in new!

Have you checked out our sweet new Valentine's Boutique? It's red & white & pink all over. 

And speaking of new - have you swung by the shop this week? She's looking a little fresher for the new year with some new main images. Because everyone deserves a mini-makeover to with a new year, right?

Oh, and we'll be listing a few rolls of cute fabric tape next week. Some polka dot cuties like these! Really limited stock, so if you've been wanting to try fabric tape (we sure were), this just might be your chance.

Happy Friday!