Kakigori - Ice is Nice

It's another sweltering day in Toronto which has me dreaming of one thing - kakigori!

Image: Goichi

Shaved ice topped with flavoured syrup and, if you're lucky, condensed milk! Kind of like a snow cone, but somehow so very much more delicious!

Kakigori Stand - GetHiroshima

Summertime in Japan, kakigori is a common treat. Simple cups of ice and syrup from festival stands or elaborate dessert creations on restaurant menus. At a stand like the one above, you are able to add your own toppings to the ice. While you might like yours with matcha syrup and azuki beans, I'm rather partial to ichigo (strawberry) with condensed milk!

Image: Tobuushi

So, should you find yourself in Japan on a hot summer day, look for that sign above. You're sure to find sweet icy refreshment!

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