Sneak Peek - New Bento Boxes!

Despite the ongoing Canada Post strike, we received a special delivery yesterday! Lovely new bento boxes direct from Japan. Now these aren't in the shop just yet (hopefully by the end of the week), but we're excited and wanted to let you in on some of the fun!

There's lovely slender boxes inspired by kimono fabric.

And cuties with bowls for hats!

We'll have boxes that are sleek, modern and colourful - all at once!

And some for you traditionalists too!

There will even be matching chopsticks with cases available. Lunch has never been so beautiful!

All of our new bento boxes are made in Japan by Hakoya. These are high quality, BPA free bento boxes designed with convenience AND style in mind!

Look for them on at the end of the week! In the meantime, let us know in the comments which box you love most or why you love bentos. Or join the bento conversation over on our Facebook page!