Happy Canada Day!

Hope you're enjoying Canada's birthday! We usually celebrate with the great outdoors, hot dogs and s'mores over a fire, and strawberry shortcake. But this year we're trying out a Torontonian Canada Day - we'll see how the city celebrates!

I'll leave you with two thoughts this Canada Day - the first is a reminder to join Faberuna's 2nd Annual Scavenger Hunt. A chance to win over $550.00 in prizes!

The second is a little Japanese lesson. This is some of the first Japanese I ever learnt:

Canada no hata wa aka to shiro desu.
Canada's flag is red and white!

Nihon no hata wa aka to shiro desu.
Japan's flag is red and white!

On that note, Happy Canada Day! 
Fly your カナダの (Canadian flag) with pride!