We've Gone Dotty...

We've gone dotty for spots.  Colourful spots, teeny dots and even spots with stripes!

New washi tapes are popping up on Omiyage.ca

Find new Carnival Dots and Stripy Spots in our Tape Section!


  1. OK, Omiyage.ca, you finally got me with this washi tape concept! My order has been placed.

  2. So, here's my question....those washi tapes look like so much fun! I make my own cards. Would that tape look right in the place of a piece of decorative ribbon across a card or would that not be the best use for it in your opinion?

  3. I think washi tape looks great in place of ribbon - though it is a bit translucent so you won't be getting the exact same look as ribbon.

    That being said, the adhesive allows you to remove the tape and reposition it as needed (on most surfaces), making it really easy to use and create with.

    Many paper crafters, card makers and scrap bookers are really embracing washi tape in their projects. I've put together a quick round-up of some card ideas for a little inspiration: http://omiyageblogs.blogspot.com/2011/05/diy-washi-tape-cards.html

  4. From what I've seen, washi tape works well in place of ribbon (although admittedly I'm judging just from pictures since I only just found this blog). But you know what I think would be even better? Using washi tape AND ribbon!