Shinzi Katoh 2011 Calendars

The final 2011 calendars in our calendar count down are from Shinzi Katoh. Shinzi Katoh is a Japanese artist and designer admired around the world for his zakka designs.

The term zakka has been defined in many ways, and is often associated with handmade goods, but the definition that sticks with us goes a little like this: zakka is something which improves your life while warming your heart.  Essentially, everyday goods which bring a smile to your face through their charm, wit or overall cuteness.

Now, back to those calendars.  Omiyage carries both of Shinzi Katoh's 2011 Calendar Designs.

There's Selection for those who enjoy his charming characters and designs:

And Nursery for those of you looking for a different take on classic fairy tale characters, from Pinocchio to The Little Mermaid to Little Red Riding Hood:

You can also find a variety of other Shinzi Katoh products on, like:



Deco Packing Tape

Letter Sets

Sticky Notes

Bento Boxes

Greeting Cards

Bring a little of Shinzi Katoh's zakka charm into your home - or charm someone else with a Shinzi Katoh gift.  All these products, and more, available on